Do you love tandems? So do we! Whether a
new or vintage tandem, we understand the
specific needs of a 'bicycle built for two'.
Healthy Bikes - Happy Riders
Bicycles have a lot to offer ... transportation,
fitness, fun ... but a properly fit, well functioning
bike will maximize all of these (especially the
'fun' part). Today's bicycles offer so many
options for fitting the bike to the rider and his or
her purpose. Talk to us .... bring back the fun in
your cycling!
River Rider Cycle & Specialty
Whitworth Spoken Here!
A classic Moulton MK-3. Frame powder
coated and completely rebuilt.
Wabasha is a beautiful town, the oldest in Minnesota, and a
great place to explore. Our shop is located at the edge of the
downtown historic district. With the National Eagle Center only
two blocks away, Slippery's just down Main Street and virtually
every part of town within a mile radius, what better way to
explore them all but by bike? We have a fun single speed tandem
to rent or rent one of our four wheeled Surreys with your friends
and family. They are just about the cutest way to see Wabasha
you can imagine!
Rental Rates
Gold single speed tandem: $10.00/hour
Schwinn Twinn single speed tandem: $12.50/hour
Red Surrey (seats 3): $10.00/half hour
Blue Surrey (seats 6 + 2 children): $12.50/half hour