A Few Odds 'n' Ends
A few pictures of some of the bikes that have passed through our doors. In the years we've
been here, we've seen some very unique bicycles and brought them back to life.
Leta's '67 Robin Hood with the basket and
custom painted skirt guards.
A 1972 Gitane restored for a Wabasha
Our Huffy 'Daisy Daisy' tandem before the
restoration began.
Our 'Daisy Daisy' tandem in it's present
form, painted, rebuilt and customized.
Photo Album
River Rider Cycle & Specialty
A 1970s Schwinn single speed.
Another Gitane touring bike from the '70s.
Schwinn built B.F. Goodrich circa early 1950s.
A Raleigh built Foremost frame.
A Moulton AM-7, one of a pair.
His and hers 1970 Schwinn 5 speeds.
Beginning reassembly of a Moulton Mark 3
after powder coating the frame.
The Moulton Mark 3 after completion.